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STEM Education and Outreach

We are also passionate about innovation in science education, STEM outreach, teaching and learning.

The Hernandez-Lopez Lab, thanks to support from the Department of Genetics and of Bioengineering at Stanford University, is involved and leads several STEM outreach initiatives. We are excited about collaborations with educators, scientists, artists, designers and leaders who serve students from all backgrounds! 


Science Clubs International @ Stanford is a Community Engagement Hub


Apply to become an instructor in an international summer outreach program: Deadline February 18

You  can see other initiatives and program at Stanford here

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Read more about our recent activities here

Rogelio was interviewed by Jeffrey Perera for the Excolo STEM Seminars Project. Watch the entire interview, including a 30 sec salsa lesson here.

Rogelio attended the 2022 SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference. He was a featured speaker in the session Interfaces of Science: Biophysics, Engineering and Materials Science for Biological Applications

The Clubes de Ciencia program co-founded by Rogelio has been selected by HundrED  as one of the 100 most impactful global education innovations

Rogelio recently participated in the 2022 Teaching and learning Studio at Stanford Read more about this workshop here

Rogelio was featured in the 2022 Biophysics Week, Check out the series "Celebrating Bioengineering in Biophysics: Personal and scientific journeys", and his talk here

Rogelio was interviewed by Telemundo T48 Bay Area for the series "Somos Latinos". Check out the note and video (In Spanish) here

Peer-reviewed manuscript: Online Education in Times of COVID: Adapting and Deploying a Data Science Program in Mexico, 

Harvard Data Science Review, 2022

Andrea Monserrat Arredondo-Rodriguez, Gabriel Missael Barco, Claudia Ivette García-Gil, Alicia del Carmen Hernández-Guzman, Rogelio Antonio Hernández-López, Benjamin Manuel Sánchez-Lengeling, and Carla Márquez-Luna.

Highlights: A virtual Experiment for an International Outreach Program: Bridging Scientists and Students Around the World

Harvard Brain Science Initiative Newsletter, 2021

Rogelio Hernandez-Lopez, Laura Peña Hernandez, and Bruna Paulsen

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