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Our Team

Qian was born and raised in Beijing, China, where she got her bachelor’s degree in biology at Beijing Normal University. During her undergrad, she went to Johns Hopkins University and University of Texas at El Paso for two internships, working in labs studying bacterial phage and structural biology. After undergrad, she moved to the mountains and joined University of Utah's bioscience program as a PhD student. She joined Dr. Minna Roh-Johnson’s group in 2018, studying cell migration and cell-matrix interactions using a combination of zebrafish, mouse and cell culture model. She is a big fan of microscopy, and has spent five years of her PhD life doing live cell and live animal imaging. After graduated as a PhD in biochemistry, she moved to Stanford as a postdoc in the Hernandez-lopez lab. When she is not in lab, she is playing video games, trying out new restaurants, hiking or hanging out with her friends!

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